Still alive, and sorting boxes.


Hi, Yes, we are still alive. I would love to say this is our front door from this year, but it is not. And since I have not been on Blogger in too long. Things have changed again. And as far as I can tell, they don't make it easier.  But we do have a wreath on our front door, and when I figure out how to get the photos from my I phone over to here again. I will feel fortunate.

We do like where we are, there were a few things on our wish list that did not come through. But all in all we are struggling to find places for my art and "studio". The office space worked out great for hubby and myself. He has his part of the room and I have my desk etc. Now it will be better when it does not have papers on all the surfaces.  The studio space, which is the living-room, is a challenge and harder than figuring out the office. 

I am really anxious to get some quilting done. Actually anything to make would make my fingers happy. I think I have figured out a space for my Sweet 16. And have set up book shelves around the back of the living room.I had wonderful cupboards in my past studio that hid the fabric. But can tell you that is not possible at the moment. Thinking of putting some things in the other bedrooms. The kids suggested using one of the spare bedrooms as a sewing room, But think they finally realize that is not possible with what I have.

I do have some ideas for making and using fabric in a simple way. But will let you know later what my idea is. Another thing, was the amount of unfinished quilts that I have in plastic containers. Hope the directions are with them.

Yes, there is a quilt store near us, well about 8 miles from here. Between us and the kids. So that works. Rumor is that the big quilt gatherings are at night and maybe this store has a social hour that I can join during the day.  Hoping that is true. Because I don't want to drive at night, and on the list is having the cataracts done. Because of moving we lost our wonderful Kaiser, so we are setting up with new Dr.'s and new system etc. Mostly done on the computer. HA that is a trick.  Next they will ask if we need psychiatric assistance, no I need a computer wizard.  I am taking a deep breath and will/ plan to write regularly again. 

And in future blogs will tell you what it is like to live in Vegas, weather, beauty of the mountains, good food at one of the close Casinos, Do not gamble. And our plans and what we have had done so far to this house.  We do have a yard, but not 8.5 acres, a big difference.  But that is all for later. 

Hope some of you come back and I will learn to put some things on Facebook etc.  I plan to make some jewelry again, as I have had requests, but which box are they in. Hummm. 

I hope all my followers are well and happy. I look forward to hearing from you. I do have lots to tell. I even have my art on Fine Art America.  So take a peak.  I love the floral that is on a yoga mat. That is on the list also. Exercise. Not just lift boxes all day. So far I have only had two painting have cracked glass. No I will not count how many painting I brought, but each one has a story. Some day will tell.

Hugs and love to you all, let me know you received this and please share what mischief, projects or how your pets are doing in the last months.Oh.  my gosh, bet it has been 6 months. Scary where time flies.  Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. we will be with Ralph's son and family for Christmas. First time in 20 years.  Hugs to all. enjoy, stay safe and keep in touch!   vivian


  1. Yay! You have surfaced for a moment. Trust me I know the feeling. Its been crazy busy in KY too. Have a warm and merry Christmas and enjoy the family.

  2. Hi, Vivian,
    Moving is traumatic but a good opportunity to take stock and reorganize. I hope this is a good place for you to enjoy beautiful scenes and be creative. This has been a fulfilling and happy year for me and I should tell everyone not to fear being 85. Just hoping 86 will be as wonderful, since it starts tomorrow!

  3. Vivian! So glad I found your blog. Although we didn't see each other much (and not at all after PLC closed), I miss you and Ralph. Glad you are enjoying your new place.


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