Living in Vegas and Embroidery.

 Time for a little hand work. We have grans that moved to Mo. and are homesteading on 30 acres. Wished we lived closer. But they don't need us older folks to care for beside 3 little ones. 

 I embroidered several dish towels with chickens. Because you know you have to have chickens on a farm.  Then this last week I finished the 3 pillow cases for the children's beds.  One of the reasons for doing embroidery, which I enjoy. Is because the "studio" was in such disarray. Large Brown boxes with surprises inside. Yes , I marked them, but there is always a small space that needs filling. So maybe what is written on the outside is not all that is inside. 

 Ok I thought I had the system beat, but the computer and Blogger are beating me again. So it decided that the photo I put in today is not available. But this photo of a watermelon is there and I could put it on the blog.

So I have to rethink, will show the pillow cases the next time when the photo will pop up.

The reason for the Watermelon, is another surprise of this area. Yes, one thinks of Vegas as a dry desert, with lots of gamblers driving around.  Oh and old people that have retired. Well we are finding a whole new world.

Yes, it is hot, but then where we lived before got hot also. 117 when we were packing to move here for 3 days. But yes the nights were cool. The nights here are warm to hot and for some reason today at 102 does feel hot with the wind. Love air conditioning. 

 One of the big surprises is that there is an orchard right down the street about 2 miles from us.  3 days a week it is open for people to come in and pick your own fruit  and veggies in season. Prices are very good. We brought big bags of apricots, and plums. Now those are almost gone. We pulled up beets, and carrots. And have zucchini and they have tons of other squash. I need to learn how to cook other veggies. They are now over and tomatoes taste wonderful. They sold green tomatoes also.  I picked big red ones. yummmy. And need to buy more.  There are herbs and all sorts of onions.  I am not sure what will be next. They have  the list on line.  I joined a quilt group at the Senior Center. But that is for next time. One of the ladies brought her amazing green apples. They were delicious. There is also a Master Garden that is a few miles from us. We got asparagus, plums and little artichokes.

Our little yard has tiny lemon tree and a baby orange. But the peach is producing,  the birds like it also. Pomegranates love the desert. I had one in Coarsegold and it had many pomegranates on it. Maybe because I ignored it.  The nursery said they love the dessert and give more fruit with less water.  And tucked in a corner is a grape vine. I think it was ignored however. So it needs attention. Speaking about fruits and veggies. The watermelon we bought at the orchard is amazing.  I had bought one at the grocery. I struggled to cut it open. Just think about it. The ones you buy in the store have thick skins because of transportation. Piled in trucks etc. But my little watermelon from the field I could have cut with a dinner knife instead of the electric one.  And it was so good. Looks like it is full of sunshine. 

As I work out the tricks of Blogger I hope next time to show more photos of our area. It has been a great surprise and we are enjoying it. Yes, it is hot, but winters were lovely. One friend mentioned she hates wind. But not an issue for us. Although I do have to agree our house is situated that the wind is not bad in our back yard. I can see where it could be disturbing. 

I hope all my previous followers have noticed that I am back to blogging. Hoping that I can figure out today's issue with photographs.  I will transfer them on a day I will not be writing my blog. And hope that is it.  I will check at the Senior Center if there is a Computer guru. And talking about the Senior Center is for another day.. Enjoy your day. we are going to Senior day at the Casino movie theater and hope to see Elvis. 

This is a relearning experience.  Life has a bit of a challenge. The computer crashed and I lost everything.  So it is a matter of relearning tricks.

Enjoy each day, and keep quilting.  vivian