Christmas letters, memories and connecting with friends, Rose Parade 2020.

Do you watch the Rose Parade?  There are a few habits I enjoy keeping. And sitting and watching while I eat breakfast in the comfort of my warm living room is a pleasure. I like this photo of llamas because we have llamas, even a white one. As a teenager I used to help glue the flowers on the float from South Pasadena. All volunteers, that designed it, and built it. Might be the same now. It won an
award this year also for depiction of the theme. Brings back memories.

I did not get any quilting time that day. went to visit friends and then there are the football games to check on. Great way to welcome 2020;

 Do you write Christmas Letters?  I was trying to understand why I write them and the habit has been going on my whole life. Started with my mother.
I think maybe it is because as a child or in my younger days that is what my parents did, write letters.
They traveled to many countries and made many friends. Keeping in touch when they left for another place.  Now it is email. I just received an email from the daughter of my mothers friend from Indonesia, from the 1930's. Her mother was a child during that war. This lady lives in South Africa now. Her family survived the prison camp in Indonesia. My mother at that time took one of the two last ships to leave for the States. It is a long story but I found out that only one ship made it to the U.S.A. the other was bombed. My mother was lucky to be on the right ship that docked in San Francisco.

We are all like the ships passing in the night as they used to say.  I am going thru my parents photos and albums. We have lived in our home here for 20 years and there is a lot to look thru. My quilting studio is the worst place. So I am tackling the photographs, some when I was little, others are from eons ago. Before me. Also sending some that I recognize to relatives. A photo of my mother's brother, was sent to his granddaughter on the East Coast.  Wonder what else I will find.
And I did get a few moments this week to sit in the studio at the sewing machine. More about that later.
Hope you had a great Holiday, now make it a wonderful 2020. Chat soon!


  1. The annual Christmas letter--I used to compose a short letter for special friends, probably more to report on husband's decline; but it's okay to let that go. Now short emails or cards to keep in touch are the norm, but these are fewer each year. I loved reading about your keeping up with long-time friends and going through the photo boxes. I'm the keeper of all those photos in my family. Isn't it freeing to let go of some responsibilities and enjoy doing what we want to? No guild challenges and group projects. I sorted and donated more fabric than I kept recently--what a great feeling. The drama department at university wanted all types for student projects. Happy quilting in 2020.

    1. Yes, there is a moment of freeing, but before that there is some anxiety about separation. On the other hand, lining somethings up for a Estate Sale when the weather warms. Too cold now, even in Ca. to deal with that. BUt my mind is always whirling to what is next. One sofa donated to a friend for his friend. Open up the living room. I keep saying one step at a time, to keep down the anxiety. Glad all well with you. Might be going that way, family in Magee, want to have a family reunion. but nothing set now. Love see what you are up to on your blog.

  2. My mom sorted and sent some things on to the family members she wanted to have them, before she packed up and moved to Germany in the early 90's, (that included the photographs). Everything that is not needed for daily living is still boxed and will reamain so until the new floor is laid. Hopefully by the end of the month. I don't write a generic letter, I usually write a personal note in my holiday cards. No one really wants all the boring details. Yes, your mom was lucky to have been assigned the right ship!!! I used to live in South Africa!

  3. wow, you have lived all over. After I got married all moving was kept to every 20 years approx. And we are at it now, just did not think it would come this fast. Remember high school the days dragged, but as we get older they seem to rush! stay warm!


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