Postmarkd'art Postcards

Postmarkd'art is a on-line post card exchange.. This is Round 14, and  I have been doing this since Round 5. There are many themes to choose from and Franki Kohler, our team mother has us vote after we submit ideas.
This time I signed up for Steampunk, Photo to Fabric, and the letter G.
Steampunk is created with hand dyed fabric, commercial fabric, stamped, beaded, metallic items and braid. I do have one left for sale. Each card is a bit different depending on how I stamped it and added the beading.

When we are finished with the alphabet we will have each letter represented and cards from the ladies that signed up.  This hummingbird was stamped with paint on white on white fabric that I painted to show off the butterflies. Fussy cut the flowers and quilted, over the top I sewed drapery fabric to give the illusion of looking through a screen.. Most of the time I see the hummingbirds feeding from my kitchen window.  It is the letter G, for Garden.

Yes, the one card is missing.. I took creative license with that one and did my rendition of the "Red Solo Cup" I love that song and now it is running through my head again. But because of Copy right Laws,  I do not want to post it.. Sorry.. If you come by my studio... I will be happy to show it.

I have met an Amazing group of ladies. We live all over the U.S.A. Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.
Our creativity has brought us together, but our friendship now binds us.
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