Cloth, Paper Scissors Magazine.

I was just reminded by my Dear Friend Franki Kohler ( Postmarkd'Art) that I had not written up a blog about my post card being selected and published in Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine. At first I panicked, what did I do with the magazine.. I have been sorting and tearing magazine sheets and putting them in binders. I thought I had taken photos, could not find them in My Pictures, nothing! Then I found the magazine,  Sigh !!!

The article says 200 postcards were sent in, most of them traveling without envelopes, and arrived  beautifully. 43 are shown in the article.

The story behind my fabric post card is that my friend Jane, sends me beautiful birthday cards. This time I chose to take it apart, and send her the wire flowers from the card. Jane's card is a bit different, and I think I mentioned that in a previous blog. I put water in hers, because she lives in So. Cal, near the ocean.
I used my hand dyes, batiks,  hand painted the sky, yarns, beads and the wire flowers from the card.

It was a fun project and delighted that Cloth Paper Scissors chose it to be one of some amazing fabric postcards shown in their article.

When looking at Picasa to write the blog,, I found I had another "folder" with photos of the postcard, wonder why it is not in My Pictures..  Computers I think might be like men, can't live with them or with out them ,,,, I think that is the way the saying goes!
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