Martha Sielman,The Natural World

I started this blog awhile ago, see below.. But did not post it..I wanted to explore the book some more. This review should be about the book, as requested,  than about the quilts, and as I say the quilts are amazing. Quilters are blessed to have Lark Books publish art quilt books, and we  support them by purchasing for ourselves, and  giving them as gifts.  Anyone would appreciate this book as a gift, and would spend hours of enjoyment. I love that there are so many explanations and with the turn of each page you have the opportunity to really meet the artist.

However, I do have one suggestion to Lark,, as much as the type is secondary to the wonderful photos, it is hard to read for any length of time.. The print is fine and a lighter color. At first I did not understand why I was having to make an effort and thought it was my glasses.. and then I realized what was happening.

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 We have to drive 7 miles to town to pick up our mail. Most times we just wait till we have an errand or need groceries. I am glad that I picked up the mail on the way home from working at Timberline  Gallery.

 There was a wonderful surprise from Lark Crafts books, Sterling Publishers.
It was Martha Sielman's new beautiful book "The Natural World, Art Quilt Portfolio".

I curled up with a cup of tea and the wood stove blazing and looked at all the fantastic  photos of the quilts that were contributed.

Tonight I will start from the front and read about  the quilts, and the amazing ladies that create such spectacular fiber pieces. There are quilt artists that you will recognize and some that will be new to you. Techniques are also talked about, again some we are familiar with, and some my fingers are looking forward to trying out. You can almost feel the texture with these amazing photographs.

You can find this book  on Amazon or check Martha Sielman's web site. She was also the juror, for Masters: Art Quilts, Volumes 1 &; 2.  You can check out her site and see the variety  of her accomplishments. Be sure to order your books and be inspired with each turning of the pages.
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