Little Red Hen- frustration-help

Some days I feel like the little Red Hen,, I really can't remember the story, but I think she ran around trying to get things done.

 This charming little hen was at a picnic we went to awhile back, some days I think it would be exciting to have chickens.  All colors and sizes. They are such fun to watch... Although with our cats not sure how that would work.

 I got a lovely response under comments to my blog on fabric Dyeing.. I want to contact her.

Sounds easy enough.. I clicked on her name/blog name, email came up, clicked on that and nothing happened..Ok, now how do I respond, how  I can I reach her? I wrote her back under my comments, but will she look there?  I hope so.

 When ever any one responds to one of my blogs, I am delighted,  I have an opportunity to meet someone that has taken the time to write me..
If any one can tell me how to do this, I would be so grateful.

 In reviewing this blog, I realize that all I have to do is right click and lots of choices come up.
It is the simple things in life that give one joy...

PS... yes, we did get together, and this delightful lady is coming up for a fabric dyeing class in Sept.

I will put you on the list also, if you would like to have a fun day, dyeing fabric.  More as September and the cooler weather arrive.

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