Postmarkd'art Due 5-31-2014

I am not usually late with my Postmarkd'art cards. But this design has me stumped. I was going to carve the 3 of clubs. You can see the start of the project.. But my hands just could not carve on this product. With the "Carving" project I had the pink product ( Speed Ball Carve) and it carved like butter.. So I put the deck back and what did I find, but the deck of cards that the Coarsegold Historical Society put out as a fund raiser a few years ago..
 I still have 2 decks for sale at $10.00. But back to my project.

I printed the card on to white fabric and used fusible material to iron it to my hand dyed fabric.  I chose a color that looked like rusty metal, quilted with variegated thread.  This photo was donated by the Children's Museum in Oakhurst.

Round 19,  my 7 of Clubs, again a photo from the Deck of Cards from the Coarsegold Historical Museum. Maytag started producing washing machines in 1907.. See the connection.
The one in the photo is from 1915, and made of wood. If you want to see it in person, go by the museum,,, check the summer hours, as docents donate their time.

 Love this challenge, we will have a whole deck of cards soon.