Rain, 2 in., Lightening and Thunder,

Rain storms are amazing and usually not so wild in our part of Calif. But about 2 AM, the wind, rain, and thunder woke us up.  Our usual quiet meandering Fresno River was going wild.   This is the view from our house. That little speck in the middle is/ was our future burn pile. Thankfully, it had been burned down and very few sticks were in the middle of the sand.

The gate you see at the bottom is what we use to access the sand and beachy area, we call this our island. No, island now!  About 5 years ago we had to have a tractor come in to cover the roots of the oak trees, because the sand had all been washed away. Thankfully, they survived.  

This is usually an area where we can walk with the river being on the far side about 15 ft or more from the branches in the middle. The water is rushing next to our fence posts, that surround the llama's field.. We are hoping that it does not wash out the fencing again.  More rain is expected for the next week.. Oakhurst/ North Fork had about 4-5 in. last night/ early this morning.  Thankfully sun the rest of the day!  Hoping that the water goes down a bit, but it will be awhile before we can get out that gate.. I am hoping our old Oak trees survive, and the big Cottonwood, manages to stay rooted also.. This is after about 4 years of a dry river bed... Nature in all it's glory..  Pretty amazing, we really needed this rain.