Recouping, Healing, Grateful, Lessons.

Thank you everyone, for your prayers and thank you for all your support.  A week ago Sat. I had a slight pain in my right side. So I left a great class given by my artist friend Shannon Grissom half way thru. GRRRR.. Drove home and called my hubby. I suggested he drive me to the ER. in Fresno.
 And as I thought it was appendicitis. It was about noon, and surgery was scheduled for 7 PM.. so much for having eaten a cracker before I went,  first thinking it was indigestion. .. Surgery started at 10: PM and by then it had burst. So I spent 4 days in the hospital and now recouping at home.
Interesting, I really am not in the mood to do anything and not motivated. Which is not me.. Maybe the fact that I am usually up showered and dressed by 8 AM at the morning. And now can only wear sweat pants with wide waist, is making me lazy. Or it could be the 1/2 little pill they gave me for pain. I must honestly say, it is not the surgery at this point it is my back for being so "lazy".  

The floral photo above is of pots, my friends brought, and love how colorful they are. I put them on a chair out side, and then computer enhanced it.  Friends kindly supplied food, which is a blessing as my hubby lacks any kitchen skills. And he usually does not eat during the day. At least food is not a high priority with him.. Good for me most of the time.
Learning lessons as I go... I always thought that when one was in the hospital, one should not disturb them. Of Course, it depends what you are there for.  In my case it was a delight to see some friends drop in.. I had to look like a crazy women, they don't exactly pay attention to ones hair. Which by this time was standing straight up, as if I had been dragged thru a pig pen of grease. But it was encouraging to see them. Also had a chance to chat with a lovely artist, that I would never had had a chance to "really " talk to, on so many levels.  The stack of cards, Facebook and Blessings that were sent are greatly appreciated. 
This year  I decided that I would plant nothing but sunflowers in all the pots in the yard. and I am partly there. In  my absence, they are starting to sprout... Can't wait to get the rest of the pots filled and seeds started... This is my sunflower year. 
Lots of lessons here, don't put off if you have the energy to do something you want to do..Just do it.
Off to rest and reorganize in my mind, just what I want to do next..  But first it is healing and getting my energy back! One step at a time!
Again thank you everyone for your support, healing thoughts of love, cards, and food. And best of all sharing your precious time.