Silk Ribbon Emboirdery -Denim Shirt

I saw an entry to a Cloth, Paper etc.  Magazine and thought maybe they would be interested in this Silk Ribbon Embroidery, since that seems to be all the rage. But further examination of the entry process I saw the cost was $20.00 per entry, per photo, was how I read it.. So I decided to just show my Silk Ribbon Embroidery on my blog.
Many years ago hubby and I were traveling East.  He had a 10 day Wrestling Tourn. in North Dakota.
He was a referee for International Wrestling. After 51 years he finally retired.  But this year we drove to see the country. We had our dog with us and I stayed at the motel, because he had long days.  I drove to a near by Joanne's and bought some silk ribbon and supplies. (that was when I realized that every semi large town had Joanne's) And pulled out my denim shirt, relaxed in the recliner, (lucky to have that chair), and settled in to create this shirt front.

It has roses, leaves, and very tiny little bees between the flowers.  I picked pearl looking buttons and had a great time sewing the front and around the neck.

I can't tell you how many times this has run thru the washer /dryer, with no special care. So if you are thinking of doing this, get a good book on Embroidery, some silk ribbon and  enjoy some  hand work.