Scaps of fabric

It has been a long time since I attended ECCO camp, 3 days set up by the Sierra Mountain Quilters. We go twice a year to a local beautiful camp in the mountains near Yosemite.

 It seems that everyone is cutting up scrap fabrics.. Here is my opportunity to get a bit more organized. I have read many blogs on what to cut them down to.  2.5", 5", and 2.5" strips..  So here is the start of one bundle.  I also have some odd shapes for an I Spy Quilt.. more about, after it is finished.
Let me know what you are doing with your scraps, and you can see how this bundle  of fabric develops starting Thurs.   Really looking forward to the opportunity to just play with fabric.

Today attending a class on quilting rulers... would you like to hear more about that?