Back to N.Y., Senica Falls / Waterloo

I love these colorful chairs. This is the Saunders Country Store. Not sure if it is Mennonite or Amish, but amazing.  Now for honesty. Ralph is from this area, he grew up here and had his family here. We are here for the class reunion. don't ask which year. As we drove from one area to the other, we were in Waterloo, then Seneca Falls, and then Geneva and back as we visited from one family to the other. I will try my best to not goof.  So some of my photos might be labeled the wrong city. 
This is just one side of the store. We made it here just before the lunch crowd came.
These Cabbages are huge.. check out the price. 
and the Cauliflower would take me a week to eat. I have never seen them that big!
 My two hands could not span it. I have never seen them that large.

I thought I had taken more photos of this amazing store inside.  But can not find them.  They have quilts, books, all sort of food, a restaurant, with all this fresh food and so much more. We had lunch there, several times. Oh, and the pies, nice small personal ones, they were good for breakfast. Cheese counter, meat counter, pickled all sort of pickled veggies. And out side, rocking chairs, art objects, and the list goes on.  Besides it is air conditioned, and there were a few days that we needed that also.