Home yes, but still lots to tell and see. Follow me.

This is my dining room table. I know I left you in N.Y. but I must tell you there is a lot more to see and tell about.  We did go down to the South, and missed the terrible flooding. Although the rain storms that we were in, were enough to remember. And now back to a parched dry California.
Still love the place that we live in. But who know what will be the future.

Yes, the photo is only of a little part of my dining table. I will get back to the blog and bring you out of NY. down to Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas etc.  For quilters following, a visit to Le Grange and the quilt Museum there.. Finally after 2 trips we experienced that Museum and the amazing quilt store next door! Oh, we had such fun there.. but that is for later..

I also have all my packages to sort.. any suggestions? I am going to keep what I purchased separate from my other stash.

From the news I understand, we are in Fall. Today here is 90 degrees, but I must say that the evenings are chilly. SO much more to tell. Share this with friends that might like a tour across the country and 9,000 + miles of driving. 

That is a lot of motels, and laundry mats, but we have a system. and it worked out very well.   See you at the next episode.