Seneca Falls - Womens Sufferage- Erie Canal

Seneca Falls is on the Erie Canal. This year we did not go to the Museum of Women's Suffrage. We went last time we were in N.Y.  It is very interesting.  We were lucky the weather for the most part was beautiful and inviting.
I have always had an interest in architecture, and these towns in N.Y. are like the Hallmark movies. This house is not anyone we know, but liked the shape, and thought I would mention a few things I noticed about the east coast areas.  For the most part there are no garages on the older houses.  Also so different from Calif. no one seems to have fencing.. or a minimum at best.

 We drove down to the back sides of the shops and this is what one might see from a boat on the Canal. Lots of stairs, some of these buildings are being refurbished into Apt.s or Condo's. They have a nice view of the canal.  There are grass areas, perfect place to picnic.