Waterloo N.Y. Birthplace of Memorial Day

Waterloo N.Y.  and surrounding cities is where my hubby grew up.. and we are in this area for his Class Reunion.  After all he has been to many of mine. And this is the basic reason for this trip. This is a corner of the main street, next to the Post Office. It is nice to see the American Flags on lamp posts. And what I really enjoy are the big baskets of real flowers.. Maybe in the West, we could have flowering cactus. It rains enough here to have these flowers out, or maybe someone waters them. Being from Calif.  I am not sure.
Ralph is standing at one of the places where he worked as a Teen. Oh, Memories. This was originally a Frostee Freeze.
And so he celebrated with a LARGE favorite, his banana split.  Old Home Week.
I had to do an arty photo of the laundry. We do have to keep clothes clean. This day was very humid, and no air conditioning at this place.

When on a long distance trip, You can not take a new set of clothes each day with out visiting some laundry's on the way. Might as well have some fun with the camera. I will find a quilt store somewhere in this area, just wait. Have to do some family stuff first.