Geneva N.Y., Quilting Pleasures Quilt Store

Geneva N.Y. is near Seneca Lake. When we drove up, I was surprised to see it as a very active city. Some of the other towns were looking a bit run down, or spread out from the center to house new businesses instead of using the central building that is so charming. So I was surprised to see how busy and with a little traffic.  They have kept the old fashioned fronts  and the stores looked varied. I think the towns that seem to prosper are the ones that have colleges in them.

I am trying to organize photos by the name of the State, then City, and the take a photo of the front of the Quilt stores. I wished I had done that in the beginning.  It would have been so much easier. However, thankfully most photos were taken with my I phone and all the photos are in order. Then I transfer them to my computer, in the folder for this trip and write my blog. This may be the long way around but also gives me time to enjoy the visits a second time and to share them with you.

I try to find items that I have not seen before in another quilt store. This is a pattern for a small bag and I feel in love with these wonderful Lace Zippers. Looks like it might be easier to sew these in a bag, then with a zipper foot. Sorry did not pick up the pattern, just the zipper.
Remember we are in a car, not a camper, or van. So every purchase has to be small to fit.

There is a marvelous work space and the quilters gather rain or shine.. Oh, did I mention the snow in this area? They get lots of that also. Most of the quilt stores have long arm machines, and this was no exception. There was a large stack waiting to be quilted and also many that had just the binding left to be completed. Her shop is very big and has two store fronts connected inside by archways. One store area for the classes and long arm, and the other with all the fabrics, notions and quilting goodies.

As many of the owners, they live out side in the country. Many of the shop owners we have met on the way also have farms in the area. We found it very interesting to learn about each city and how they live and work. We also learned so much about farming. We passed miles and miles of corn and bean fields. It almost seemed that that is all America produces. It is beautiful to see the miles of green. That has left an impression on us. 
Quilts of course, hang high on the walls. This is one I found particularly beautiful. I admire these quilts and the person that makes them. I am sure there is a pattern, but not one I would attempt to make.
I am usually not showing what I purchase at the wonderful quilt stores that we visit, but fell in love with these darling sewing machines and bought enough of the different designs., although there are a few duplicates.
Do you have an idea for what I could make with these?