N.Y. Aunts, Loved ones and Class Reunion

As you probably guessed Ralph and family are Italian. His mothers family had 12 kids, 10 girls 2 boys.  And you know in those days there was one bathroom. So he has many Aunts in the Waterloo, and Seneca Falls area, and one in Florida.

Ralph's Aunt Anna, with her delightful big smile. 

Aunt Lottie,  I won't tell the age of these ladies, but hope I am as active at their age as they are at theirs.
Our discussion with Aunt Lottie, touched on her going Kayaking with her son and grandson. She has her own Kayak, and her marvelous driving ability. She drives before the snows set in to visit her son in Kansas. Also several of the Aunts Love Banana Splits. Guess that is inherited.

Aunt Lottie and family, We were blessed with great weather. And Ralph and I loved seeing more of the family this visit.

Aunt Louise was house sitting the family dogs. These ladies are great fun.
We were to meet one of them on a rainy day, and I suggested perhaps another day that did not include rain would be better. The answer I got:
"I would never go out if I stayed in because it rained a little."
OK, that sounded like my Aunt in Holland, many years ago.
 I am basically a California Gal. What is rain?
PS yes, he was cute in school, and still is....