N.Y. Seneca Falls, Sensca Lake, Museums.

One evening we chose to visit  Parker's restaurant that had been recommended. And suddenly a dear friend/ God daughter to Ralph came running up with a big hug.  It was Melissa.
We had a delicious dinner, and went back again for a late lunch another day. Get there early, very busy. 
Across the street from the Restaurant is the Woman's Made Products, I thought this was an interesting name for a store.  But then this is the town that started Women's Suffrage.  After hours and they were closed. I would have loved to see the hand made items that were displayed.

Melissa and her daughter invited us for a boat trip on Seneca Lake. It was perfect weather and was great fun.  One of many highlights. The special part was being with "family" that live in the area.

They were able to tell us who lives in some of the wonderful homes along the lake. Many people that Ralph knew from his early years. Amazing big mansions that are only lived in by small families. Would need a phone just to find someone, the houses are so big.Also shown were the places that they learned to swim and play at during the school years.

This is one of the few photos that Ralph and I are in together.  Yes, he is being funny. I took photos of the lake but won't bore you with water pictures.
Waterloo Memorial Post,  one of the locations for the Class Reunion.

Ralph was very interested in this helo.. If it would have fit in the car, it would have gone home with us for the Ahwahnee Park.

Sampson Veterans Memorial Cemetery.

Sampson Memorial Museum, very nice museum and interesting as Ralph's father worked at this base during the war.  And yes, wanted one of the jets also for our local Memorial Park in Ca.  Maybe one day we will have one to honor those in our mountain area of Calif. 

A few items I have picked up at quilt stores. Tomorrow I will tell you about the quilt store in Geneva,  and our visit to the Quilting Pleasures. Hope you will continue to follow along. Driving across the U.S.A has been a pleasure.  Seeing family, of course, is very special. Meeting some of Ralph's class mates from school is also special for him and I enjoyed the fun also.