N.Y. Waterloo - The Scythe Tree

I know you probably can't read this, but perhaps look it up. I am sure it must be on the net somewhere. It is the story of 2 brothers that were in the Civil War. One fought with the South and the other fought with the North.
I have to get an art photo in periodically. I love the natural variations of the bark. What stories this bark could tell.
Old barns dot the landscape. Many variations on the types of barns and I am sure their use is particular to the needs. Do I need to say that this area receives lots of snow in the winter. 

This is right on the highway where homes and farms are located. And there is even a sign and an area to park.. although it does look like it is in someones front yard. Memories that are not in the tour book that someone that has lived in the area knows about. Want to have my hubby in a few of the photos.

We had such fun visiting his Aunts and friends. This is our 3rd trip to this area in the last 10 years.
I don't have any photos of the class reunion, but both nights were great fun. As with most of us there were some missing, due to various reasons. Many came long distances also.. although maybe we drove the furthest distance.