Utra - Clean Washable Markers by Crayola

As you can see from the dates I did not get back to washing out the samples, on time.  I washed the samples  today with Dove Dish soap in the sink by hand. Then I remembered, those pieces might still have a finish on them. So will remark them and see what happens.

I pressed the two pieces to see if the marks came back. But no they are perfectly clean and nice.
But you must test for yourself to see what happens on your fabric. Now that I have washed these pieces I think I might put a piece of batting behind them and mark again, and see what happens with out the sizing. 

And yes, will not leave you in Up State N.Y. Next is an Amish Quilt store.  Hang in there with me onward!

Local Marine Corp. Birthday is next week so very busy helping out with preparations. Hope everyone set their clocks back and enjoyed the extra hour of sleep.

This is a busy month and so many of the blogs have wonderful ideas for Christmas. And lots of craft fairs to visit.  But remember Thanksgiving is next. Love this time of the year with all the Thanksgiving trimmings. Rust colors in the air, and the change of the seasons. Fall is never long enough. Especially here near Yosemite.

Our kids were thinking of coming up, but I suggested they come in the summer when they have more time, and there isn't the threat of snow, and less traffic in the summer vs Thanksgiving week-end.