2019 New Years coming soon, Enjoy, have fun

I had time in the studio yesterday.  I am painting switch plates, and will put them on my Etsy Store soon.  Then I worked on the baby quilt.
Needs more 1/2 square Triangles, for the baby quilt and found the fabric. My issue is I only have two hands and my brain wanders to other projects while working on this one.  Far from completed. I could have just bought a pattern, although I am terrible about following directions. Need to see it in my mind. So off I go on a tangent and it is a slower process. Especially, when there are so many projects laying around that want to be done. Of course, it is not my fault.. It just happens.
Not sure I want to make a list. Does that work for you? Do you get more completed because you check it off? Or is it the feeling of sanctification that moves you ahead. So many people with suggestions on the net. & TV. All great ideas if one follows them to completion. 

I did have a piece in the AG Show this year with Madera Arts, and I should be working on another one for this coming year. The Madera Cir. Gallery is at a wonderful new location. Great parking, accessibility, and function. There are some repairs going on right now, but soon will open and have another grand exhibit.   My piece from last year sold and I know it has a wonderful home with people that love Roosters!

Maybe that should be my New Years Resolution. Completion of projects. Not specifics, just completion.  Below is our cat, Skittle, sun bathing on the garage roof, watching for the  party to begin.

Happy New Year! Enjoy each moment, your friends, and family.   Hug them all!