Book " In the Light of the Garden"

In the Light of the Garden: A NovelEvery once in awhile I find a book that really grabs me. For some reason, I need to find out what is it saying to me. But that information usually comes at the end of the story. And then I rethink some of the characters.
I found this one interesting and even read in the morning to finish it. Well, it is Christmas vacation and Ralph had a meeting, so I indulged to finish. 

Yes, it is a Love story, but a nice one,and there is family conflict, but interesting, and a willow Tree at the center. Yes, a willow Tree. You ask how that fits in, it does. I enjoyed how this author played the principals, the interaction.  

I don't like gushy Love stories with lots of lovey description, so if that is  your enjoyment this might be a bit dull.
If you like Hallmark type stories, this might be your book. I love being a member of Prime and the variety of books I have a chance to read, with out cluttering the book shelves. Which need clearing and books to give away.
Now into the studio.