Christmas 2018 past and New Year 2019 on the way.

I finally finished painting two metal Quilt Squares and mounting them on our Entry Gate.

Now when people drive by they might know a quilter lives here.

This is the week to organize, if not on paper, but clearing up the desk, finish Christmas letters that are late, and planning for the New Year..
Where does the year go, it seems to rush by so quickly and I feel I have not done much to slow it down.
Should I keep a list of accomplishments, or just of items to complete, or not at all , and just do what I feel at the time.

I did plant the Pansies in pots, and the sweet peas, and best of all the 5 large tubs with English Peas.When picking them, I eat most of them before I ever get to the house.

My studio has electric switch plates to be painted in one section and the baby quilt I am working on on the ironing board. I have decided to have some quilters over the teach English Paper piecing, but more about that later. 

Off to the Madera Circle Gallery to pick up 2 art quilts that have been in shows. The gallery is having some work done, so everything has to be pulled out and re-entered later. I will talk to them about some of my smaller items besides pieces for their specific exhibits.
More about that later also. 

Hope you have safe plans for the New Years Celebration. I love watching the Parade. I grew up in South Pasadena and worked on their float in High School. Every year we watch to see if South Pas wins an award. Their float is designed, constructed and built by donations and the locals. So good Luck for 2019 South Pas.

Tabby Cat turned up one day, and is a delight to have around. A good hunter and a sweet cat. He has a dog house and basket on the back porch, but has lately taken up residence in hubby's jeep. Which is open because of the mouse issue on the ranch.

May your New Years day be as relaxed, enjoy the company of friends and great food. I know where we are going. Foot ball,  food, and wonderful friends. What better way to start the New Year.