Merry Christmas 2018. back on line

Seems like eons since I have been on my blog. Sorry there has been such a gap. But lots of things happening. We are healthy and happy. But my phone chose not to be. It blurred all the photos that I took. And so went to Apple for help. Thankfully, I got right in in the morning. This is the Christmas tree at the mall. All the photos are in my Cloud, and they started the process of doing what ever computers do. Then the nice helper came back to tell me that the Apple web was out and they would try with the mall. That did not work after walking the mall for over an hour, back to Apple with instructions to go home and it would up date on my web. Have to  reload all my apps also.
Thankful for knowing son. He told me what to do, and then got it going again. I still have lots of photos from the trip on that phone, and scared that I would lose them. But this proved they are still there.
We aren't doing much decorating inside this year, but love to put fresh evergreens on the front door, with those crazy musical balls they have at the Dollar store. Naturally every time some one walks by or opens the door the music starts, "We wish you a Merry Christmas", after enough times, one has the music running thru their brain for the rest of the day.

Everyone is showing Christmas Food. Sierra Mountain quilters had their Christmas celebration. Great food, and lots of desserts. Yes, I had already started to eat when I thought about the photo. with those wonderful cookies.
I hope everyone is still with me. I don't receive any comments, so I just have to trust you are out there and have missed me.
I have been quilting on the Baby Quilt, will show soon. But also had to finish some of the wall switches for the gallery. I am also showing in Madera at the new Madera Arts Council Gallery. There will be some renovations next week and not sure for how long before the next exhibit goes up.
Will keep you posted on that.
Trying to review my art plans for the New Year and what my goals are in the process. Long list and I should do as many of you do, and write them down so that I could check them off.

Have a Very Merry Christmas and will be chatting with you in the New Year.