Art Quilts Unfolding - Mystery gift

You can imagine my surprise when I opened a book box and found "Art Quilts Unfolding".
While struggling with the tape, I thought maybe one of my Amazon orders came in hard back instead of on my Kindle. I looked at my husband and said, " how did you know I wanted this book?". He was very serious and he said it was not anything he ordered.
That is when it turned into a major mystery.

However, I now know what happened and greatly appreciate the error since I am the beneficiary of this beautiful collection of quilts photos and history. 
I did not enter ( not that there were applications for entries) a photo for this book as I have in past books that my Art and Quilts have been exhibited in. : Showcase 500 Beaded Jewelry by Ray Hemachandra, Lark  Books, jewellery gourd necklace, 1000 Quilt Inspirations, Quarry, Books, Sandra Sider, Quarry Books 1000 Artisan Textiles, Sandra Salamony,& Gina M. Brown, Quarry Books. 
500 Traditional Quilts, Karey Patterson Bredenhan- Lark Books.

I feel very fortunate and understand how thrilling it is to have a quilt displayed in a book. I have not had the opportunity this past year to complete quilts and have not worked much on my art. Somehow as I look back the year just disappeared in a puff of smoke. Not literally, just some how raced by with me being busy, as most of us are, and then there was Christmas 2018. And it left me wondering. "What happened"!

Art Quilts Unfolding is 50 years of Innovation, Sandra Sider Editor, Nancy Bavor, Lisa Ellis, and Martha Sielman - SAQA Studio Art Quilt Asso.
It is divided into Chapters 1960's-1970's Etc. 

It is a time lapse for Quilters no matter where you started to quilt. Names we all know and love. Teachers, many that we have taken classes from, and those that might have influenced our own Art Quilts. 
The book is beautifully written, photographs are amazing. I will spend many evenings admiring and reading and enjoying. It is available at Amazon. 

Purchasing a book like this will give you hours of enjoyment and the creative mind will go from there. It is also motivating. To see what others can achieve, with patience, love of quilting and an inquiring mind. I was going to say Art Mind, but that is not necessary to dream quilts, color and design.