Thunder, Lightening, Hail and Snow?

Thunder, lightening, hail and lots of noise.  Yes, the river is up also. Cold and snow on the horizon. The gallery was planning to change out tomorrow, but there is a 3,000ft. pass to go over for us to get to Oakhurst, and  snow is predicted, not a good place to be. Probably the gallery will not be open, because many of us live on the other side of the mountain. Will see what the weather is on Wed. my day to work.

You would think that I would get a lot done in the studio, or on my computer. Well, I have been shredding last years paper, and took several books out of the book shelf and packed them up for Friends of the Library. Seems everyone is talking about consolidating, downsizing items of a life time. I am starting with the book shelves, not the quilt books, leaving that till I get these all sorted out. Decided if I find a book I like but  have not read, I will put it on a list on my computer. I might still never read it, but I have sort of tricked myself into parting with it now. Hope that makes sense.  Quilt and art books will be a totally different subject.
Another Electric switch plate painted. I am having fun with these. I have not yet put them on my Etsy site, but in the galleries, Timberline and Madera Circle Gallery, because they keep selling. Need to make some more. Hope you enjoy this one also. 
Thunder and rain has quieted down a bit, but still freezing. Well it is winter and cold is what the season brings, unless you are on some Island get away. Warm Island Dreams if you are up to your ears in snow.
There is less paper on my desk and that is a plus. Hope you are staying warm and cozy.


  1. The switch plates are beautiful! Good for you.

    We had a very quiet snow last night -- none of the drama with your storms! But we have several inches on the ground and temps in the 20s. Icy roads could be a challenge so I will be exclusively on foot for the next few days.

  2. good to hear from you. We closed the gallery today, just too much snow on the pass. Stay warm, good to hear from you. Love looking at what you are up to , your pieces are so beautiful

    1. Be careful, very slick out. we had a lot of black ice. Today sun, rest of the week will come down to what the heavens decide to deliver. Cold that is for sure!


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