Idea, Place mats, Easy, Fast and oh so pretty.

 We visited and had our monthly meeting at one of the YoYo's homes, we rotate between 5 homes monthly, unless like this year we had to cancel one because of snow.  Yes, California does get snow in some areas.
So Nancy's turn. I  must say our group has become a bit lazy, or not motivated, or life has just gotten in the way. But Nancy, Now she is a go getter. She set her luncheon table with the Place mats she made and is making with another Quilt circle, they trade. Not sure of the process. Maybe size, color, or just random idea. Great ideas however you set up the rules.  Having fun looks to be at the top of that groups list.
Ok, So some are up side down. But that is cute, love the balloons. Onward
Again very party view.
Right side up.  But look at the variety, what a fun table setting. You don't have to have 4 of a kind.  And you can use up scraps.That is the key around here.
You have not heard from me lately because, I had a password issue. So I hope I solved it now! And I have been piecing. Had an idea to use up bias tap.  It is called down sizing, or not wanting to clean out a closet.  Check back.


  1. Finally added you to my blog reader list... and have done a bit of catching up. Love the friends, placemat trading... and the mismatch... table settings. So much fun that way. I have a question... why would keep a paper grocery list and a pen when you have an iPhone and an App that will do all of that? The phone is only as smart as the owner. You don't even have to write, just tell Siri to add something to the list in the app you choose to use. The most difficult part is learning how to phrase what you want to say... to Siri and wait for her to catch up.


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