Table runner with Bias Tape and I phone necklace

There are a lot of projects I need to do before starting this, BuTTT, I had this idea and wanted to try it.
Had some left over iron on interfacing because I was not sure that with the thickness of the bias tape it might pucker. and the interfacing kept it smooth. But might have worked with out that also. It was just another step.
Progress, Now just have to iron the backing, sandwich, etc. and will show when I get it finished.
What started all this was that I was looking through the bag with bias tape for what I call my
I phone necklace.
I had promised a friend that I would make her one, and time passed. And then I needed a new one, so better to make two. Although hers is very lively with lots of colors as she wanted it. I usually wear jeans, and this goes with almost anything. I also keep a pen and grocery list in there. So you see why I was looking thru the bias collection. And with my Downsizing mind set, I noticed all the bias tape, even left over from my mothers day. I just had to use it up!  Did I really use it all.. NO.
but now maybe I should make Place mats also. But today is vacuum day, and pot some plants Day.