Artist at work

No, that is not the artist at work. But Tabby and Skittle. Both these cats turned up one day and adopted us. On the left, Tabby, is our mouser, and stays out all night. And Skittle turned up one day Pregnant. I can't even remember when. She had her babies, several were given away and a few passed on as they grew older.  As I say, I don't remember the year she turned up.

She is named Skittle because she would Skittle away from us, very UN-trusting. Now however, she meows and comes to me for food, with the other cats gone, she is friendlier.  And surprise, she purrs when brushed.

She  has an issue with the fur on her face. She started losing it. Thought it was the food so changed that and it seemed to help, but now that summer is coming, it has started again. Vet said she is allergic to the sun. that happens with "blond" cats.  But I wonder some times. So I tell her to stay in the shade. At 102 here, I really don't have to tell her.

She is also an outside cat, but has her own run for the evenings. And the run has all the fun things that a cat would like, but she does not seem interested.  Most of the time they are now laying on the front porch bench.

Tabby follows like a dog when I do yard work.  Which is something I should be doing now.

Have two projects going, and have escaped the studio, for lack of room and busy on the dining room table. I am supposed to be down sizing, instead seem to be spreading out. Will Show the project next time.