First Quilt, and Health Scare

I feel that every blog should start with a photo. I was e- chatting with Rayna Gillman, who I had lost track of, and I mentioned how my first quilt, similar to hers, had "lettuce leaf" edges. I guess she had never heard that expression.  As  you can see the edges are ruffled. Thus the Lettuce Leaf description. I remember wanting to rush ahead and finish. In those days I put it on the floor to layer and pinned to the carpet. AND I measured on the outside the length/width. Did not know one should measure down the middle and every measurement should match.   I thought I was pretty clever fussy cutting the ribbon design.
You can also tell by the fading this is the throw I put on the bed in the summer or take to camps. It is not full size and made with Poly filling. But I love it and wrote on the back the Long Hot Summer.
Notice the nice nails. I don't usually grow long nails, because it interferes with my typing/ excuse me, computer and quilting. Not to say anything of accidentally hitting them.

I had a surprise health issue and I want to share it with my women friends.  I had a heart attack and a stroke. All mild, but it is scary. I am very lucky. I was shopping locally with my hubby, and had taken my BP earlier that day. 196, Not good, not usual.  I felt fine so thought this was a mistake. While we were out I had a strange feeling in my left arm, not a pain, but like I had hit my funny bone.

Not funny at all, at this point I would suggest calling an ambulance. but since we were out and we live in the country, we went by our local Yosemite Ambulance Service. Not something I would recommend, call 911.  And they took me to the Kaiser Hospital in Fresno. They were ready and waiting.

I will shorten this, I spent Memorial Week-end in the Hospital, with every test imaginable. And both issues are said to be slight. Thankfully. Does not make it any easier, but I had never given this a consideration. I am not really over weight and generally healthy. BP had been controlled etc.
I just feel that every woman should understand their body, a heart attack can come unexpected and sort of sneak up on you. Be aware, and talk with your Dr.

I feel I am very lucky. I will be going to Cardiac classes at Kaiser for the next 6 month. Yes, I will probably miss my Ruffles chips and many other items I like to eat.   If you have a question regarding your health be sure and talk to your Dr.  Yes, I am 75,  have been granted with good health. Dr. said I have to stop volunteering and relax more, and eat healthy. Renew my exercise Program and information over the next 6 months. I am wearing a heart monitor. There is so much to learn.

My thoughts are, keep a check and don't discount a feeling that is new to you. Better to ask for help and know what to do. I now carry a list of meds, and some meds in my purse and we have the list mounted on the frig, just in case. 

Now off to quilt or watch, the young ladies play soccer!  Yeah U.S.A. Enjoy every moment with Blue Skies.