A Peek with My friend Kathleen Mattox and Thank you!

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts.  So far this year has certainly been interesting, and a learning experience.
I am still adjusting and most of all, my pantry is adjusting, or shall I say slimming. Kaiser has a great approach, and I have a Cardiac Nurse for the next 6 months. Had a meeting last week and reviewed eating habits. This will take some adjusting, but I have lost 6 lbs.
Well, enough of this, except to say Thank you!

Before all the changes we had a wonderful day with my friend Kathleen Mattox. She is a marvelous artist and has the most adorable art gallery, Mixed Messages, in Sanger, Ca.  We all had a delightful lunch in Restaurant in town. A very small delightful place with delicious Greek food. 

Isn't this this cutest front door to a gallery, just says, "Come In". And now for the inside.
I could spend hours looking at all the goodies. Kathleen is not just a painter, but a quilter and artist of many talents.

Most galleries have dignified, grey or white walls, but Kathleen took a wild color and it is just perfect for the back ground of all her colorful art. She has jewelry, pillows, wonderful dog sketches, and does custom also. 
She has done what I would love to do in another artists life time. Do stop in if you are in the area, Check her open hours on her web site and Facebook. 

Then stop in at Timberline Gallery in Oakhurst on your way to Yosemite. Kathleen and I are also part of Madera Circle Gallery in Madera. Many of our art pieces can be seen there . The special exhibits change every 2 month. Watch for the New exhibit going up the end of this week.

Happy 4th of July!