Listen and Learn, Health Wise, I am Back!

Fall seems to be here.  Trees and bushes are turning to Oranges and Yellows. Want to get into the studio.  Cool nights, warmish days, and want to plant my barrels with winter colors.  But the deer ate every color I had in the yard, even to the front porch.

I am in the recouping process. Also a need for learning and education. Did not plan for this it sort of illness, situation, came out of no where.  Funny part. I forgot how Old I am.  When you feel young and active life just rushes by.  I should start at the beginning. 

Hubby and I were shopping. That morning my bp was a bit high BUT.... I had a feeling in my left arm,later. Sort of like I had slightly hit my funny bone. For some reason I said let's go and get another opinion,  I ended up with a ride to the hosp. Sierra Ambulance service in our  area, they are Amazing. 

 Bottom line I had a slight heart attack and stroke.  I am very lucky.  I did not ignore the signs. I know mostly women read my blog. So ladies, heart attack symptoms are different. Use your instincts.  We usually think of everyone else first. But it is time to listen to your body. If it tells you something is different. Listen and go check it out!!! A friend told me when we were talking that she had a back pain that would not go away.  Thankfully she also got treatment for a heart attack.

As I say I am lucky, I can walk and I can talk, and nothing is really  missing in my abilities. At least from my perspective. My hubby might have something to say about that. Hey, I can still quilt so really! I did lose a little on Math Skills but in the long run, I will admit that was not my strong suit. I would rather be doing something else anyway. 

My goal is to write more on my blog. Yes, there will be changes, like downsizing where we live we are on 8.5 acres Near Yosemite, in the foot hills. We have  3 llamas, will write more about that later. But if you are looking for country living, this is the greatest! Chat soon, off to an Art Asso. meeting!


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