Hugs and thank you for a New Year 2020

I am trying to clear off my desk and find the wooden top. I came across a book, small book by George W. Peabody, "What is a hug?"  Yes, I got diverted from clearing the top of my desk and finishing Christmas Cards that are now New Years letters..

A few statements  that caught my eye.  A hug is to give, A hug should be spontaneous, A hug, is an invitation to kindness.  And about 50 pages more of lovely thoughtful gifts said by a very thoughtful man.

It says in the front, first edition 1972, second edition 1982. In the back of the book it tells a little about Mr. Peabody and his family. At the time of writing he had been married 40 years, had 4 sons, and was a US. Marine in WWII.

I don't know if this little book is still available, but I think I will keep it on my desk to remind me and maybe keep me grounded.   A simple Hug can say so much. A hug is endearing and is something to share.
Kindness so necessary in this changing world.
Happy New Year. 2020.


  1. Hugs are so important!!! I am a hugger! You are right, so very necessary in this changing and unpredictable world. Happy New Year!


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