Remembering 2019 - Clamamity Jane at the Roger Rocka's Dinner Theater

For many years we have attended Roger Rocka's Dinner Theater, in Fresno. It was a Sunday Luncheon fun with friends. Then add to it the Good Company Player's Productions.

This year Louise Mandrell played the lead in Calamity Jane. It was amazing, and the Mandrell sisters are fantastic. Louise played a number of instruments during the performance. Along with amazing dancing, singing and acting. Such energy. It made us all sit up straighter, laugh, and totally enjoy every moment.

When Louise offered to have photos taken after the show, Ralph said lets go for it. I had never done this sort of thing, but was game that day. All Ralphs kids have been in various venues in the theater and movies, so I took Ralph's lead. He had a serious look, but I thought it was all fun.

Louise is not performing as much now preferring to be home with family in Nashville. So we were privileged to attend this performance.


  1. We tried to get tix to a play... and sold out in seconds... Not bad for Louisville KY. While in Chicago we saw quite a few plays, some with the Broadway cast. No meet and greets or photos for us!!!

    1. This was fun, the man taking the photo was so tall, that it makes us look small, very funny, but happy she suggested taking the photos. Nice to have. Hope you are not to cold out on your new place. It is hard to downsize art books.!


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