Finished a project yeah! Mug Rug.

One small part of a table. Have not had time to sort it. But directed my energy to finishing a small, did I say Small project. Oh, yes,

I like these papers that I found in a box, not looked at in a long time! Supposed to make perfect, 1/2 Sq triangles.  if one just follows the lines. But I followed them!

Ok, guess I am not perfect even with the papers! working on the strips now. Yes, this is a scrap year!
Mug Rug, 9.5" x 11.5"  Fits on the table next to our T.V. Viewing. The strip with the writing is from the 2000 year, with the sayings for the Millennium. I am finding with it sitting there is motivating me to do some more quilting, piecing etc. One thing, when you do your own design, and not really have to fit pieces, just chop off, when it is not straight and square it up. No issues. But now I worry about doing a real pattern. With art quilts if it does not fit, recut or find something else.

Guess not a good habit.  I have a 1/4 in foot on this machine, but maybe I should just give up the thought about being perfect. Life is not that way, it throws curves also.  Just have fun.

Thoughts for the year. Live for the moment. Was going to end with a hug, you get that also, but just found another little book with sayings. I see one I underlined   " Sing in a choir".Oh, no, I would not inflict that on anyone! I know many of you sing in Choirs, bless you, because you really bring beauty to our lives.  Make it a great day and stay warm.


  1. small fun projects are energy injectors. The trouble comes when you try to leave the creative to the mundane.... areas!!! Dust is flying here AGAIN!



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