Triangles on a roll. Perfect for left over fabric, pillow this time!

Triangles on a Roll is now part of It's Sew Emma. They have a wonderful variety. Easy to sew, and nice busy work, less the thinking.
See what fun. Just follow the lines and then be careful when you cut them apart.  I am thinking that maybe this would be fun to just cut some of my stash, put together with the paper and just sew a bunch in different colors. Would be great for scrap project? Nice to have on hand for lots of projects.

I am also going to check out this new to me site that has this product. By the way the roll with the Triangle in 1/2 Sq. Triangles, has enough to do 800 blocks.  When I first looked at the rolls I thought I would use them up, Less to pack, but as I think about it Maybe not. However, I will keep them handy just in case.
Want to see this weeks project?
A blue and white pillow, for the master bedroom.  I decided while I am packing up stuff, down sizing, and when ever we get organized to put the house up. I would decorate the Master with more Blues. Everyone loves Blue.  I thought it looked pretty cool, till I saw something at the bottom of the pillow.
Ok, could say it is an error, but no it does look like the outer ring sort of swings in. Some movement to the pillow.  Sometimes goofs look good! Enjoy your day.

 Off to Taco night, ours is on Monday. The sun is shining, cool up here near Yosemite. 


  1. I remember when we used to draw the grid on the fabric ourselves!!! The pillow looks good and if you hadn't pointed it out, I don't think anyone would have really noticed the error... you know how the eye skims over!!!


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