A challenge for everyone. Inches-

This is quite a time. The day seems to run too fast for me. I have so much I want to do and don't seem to get to other things like this blog.  I am a letter writer from eons ago. So writing does not seem to be an issue. I am in correspondence with a friend that was born at the same year I was born. Our fathers were in the Netherlands Air Force stationed in the U.S.A. and we have kept in touch from the age of when we could write. Should I write that year?
We were de cluttering, but now to do things that are more enjoyable seems better. Goal in the end is to sell and resettle somewhere, but where. This is a marvelous area, near Yosemite.
 Above is a photo of Inches, it was a fun exchange. I donated my years of exchange of postcards to quilters and for school children. Also the Inches went that way also. I met some wonderful ladies and  still share news thru Blogs with them.

Yesterday I cleaned part of my studio a very small section and found somethings I thought I knew where they were, but guess I did not.
My Chair Yoga group is going on line tomorrow and that will be twice a week. I will try to make a face mask with fabric I have laying around. Lots of patterns on the net. And try to find some elastic that still might stretch. But I hear that also is hard to find. One creative group is using pipe cleaners.
SO many wonderful things to do on line. I finally got a book on my I pad that will read to me. A friend sent me a pattern which looks interesting.
Won this fabric at camp, now that might be a real challenge for me. But there must be a pattern that will work wonderfully. I am not really a green person, but a challenge is a challenge. I have about 6 projects in line to layer and quilt.
 A few words of wisdom to leave you with, from Life's Little Instruction Book
"Don't forget, a person's greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated."  We all feel that way.
Thank you for reading and please say hi and let me know you are out there enjoying life with a supply of toilet paper.. Strange world !


  1. If you leave the decision on where to go... it might get made for you!!! (sort of like spinning the wheel or throwing a dart). I have not been finishing old stuff, but I did just finish to quilts a throw and a baby... Throw was delivered yesterday and the baby will go out in tomorrows mail. I have been spending days... working with food... either buying (and all day affair it seems) or cooking! Follow the guidelines and stay healthy!!!


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