Cozy Fireplace, Friendship, and a view of Oakhurst.

"A hug is to Give"-from the book What is a Hug, by George W. Peabody.  The weather here by Yosemite, a closed Yosemite is cool, rainy, sunny, snowy, variable to say the least.
Yesterday we got up at 5 AM to get the the grocery at 6, well a little after when we finally jumped into the cold morning.  Not many there. All tourists are gone from the area. But we did see some friends at the store. Those that get up early. We don't have Senior hours here, as I am sure they are tucked in their beds. So it was a long day. But we got most of the things we need. It is interesting to see what items are in short display. The bread in one store was almost gone, but the bread in the other store was in. So thankfully we have 2 grocery stores in town.
So as a Treat and to help keep a local shop keeper open we stopped for a donuts at Judy's. Said hi, and ate them in the car.
View of Oakhurst from  Judy's Donuts. There is a lot of road work going on, on Highway 41. They are still at work thankfully. Because they said it would last thru the summer. It is all stop and go, and with the traffic a couple of weeks ago it took forever to get thru the intersections. At least it was a long time for us mountain folk.

Next was the gas station to keep topped off.  Here in Ca. it is probably $2.00 for the Taxes and 60 cents for gas. Just a guess. Be sure to wear your gloves and wipe down the gas pump and your steering wheel.
Another thing here in the mountains, don't expect food delivery from a restaurant. We do have a few places that have their drive up windows open.
Now this shelf is not dusty anymore. Memories of the friends that gave me the glass bears. I have a lovely collection of them along with egg cups. Downsizing brings all sorts of remembrances. But what to do with these items?
More scrap sewing, 1/2 square triangles.   How is your day going?  Keeping busy? Sharing news with friends that maybe don't have someone to talk to. I chatted with a P.E.O. friend that has moved to Idaho. Staying connected is so important. This has to be scary for people that only have a cat or a puppy to talk to.  I am blessed to have more projects that I have time for. I will clear another area of my studio today, much needed. And finish a face mask or two.
What are you up to, Send me a note or make a comment. Stay safe!


  1. These days it is "Virtual Hugs", not nearly as satisfying as arms around shoulders and a good back pat! So here is a (((Hug)))!
    There are only 2 places for groceries close... one is a small grocery and the other is Walmart. Niether one is every empty!!!
    We have stayed close to home all week. I have been on a cooking binge... soups in the event that I am the one to fall ill. I will only want to eat good food and not canned soup!!! So there is at least a week of good soups for 2 in the freezer... all packaged in FoodSaver bags and ready to eat. And about 4 dozen eggs fresh from the backyard girls in the fridge!!!
    As for what to do with the mementos and gifts in downsizing. Decide on the 1 or 2 that mean the most to you to keep, take a photo of the others for the memory keeping, and offer it back to the giver or send as gifts to others??? I am lucky that I have never been a collector... of stuff, well mostly!!!


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