Extended, Onward with a smile.

Spring time, and the flowers here in the mountains are starting to flower.  And so are the weeds. 
This is a plant that gets lots of starts. Not such a bad thing because I can think of other places I might like this plant. For instance in my rock garden. 
This is a cooler area, but now in the sun.  If you look closely you can see some starts behind the blue grey plant.  I have places to put that little plant.. Hope it comes up easily and does not go into shock.
I cleaned the table up to and including my Brothers Machine. Will try a bit of quilting, but got side tracked again yesterday.
Found some blocks! Have a large pillow form and now have a good use for these blocks. I will use Velcro on the back to hold it together, and keep my fingers crossed because this pillow is heavy and stiff. But given to me. So will see how this goes.
Hope all well with everyone. So many ideas on the net, yes quilting ideas, lots of mischief to get into.

Yesterday made hamburgers, and the time is just flying, with some weeding. We missed lunch and just had dinner. Did you call a friend to say hi today?


  1. Spring has been underway here for a month. I am having so much fun finding and noticing all the growing things here. They are all a suprise. This week the redbud is blooming.
    I have not called anyone as yet, but I did get a message from a friend from that I found in South Africa. She was our Embassy Sponsor... and is also a quilter. I will touch base with her in the morning with a long newsy email. Take care and stay well, wash your hands often!!!


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