Fine Art America. This and that around the studio

I know this is a small Photo but want to share it. I am excited that my art is on Fine Art America. Not sure what it is? An artist puts their art on the site and a person that maybe needs or wants art on their bedspread, to gift cards, art work on the wall, or a phone cover. You can have it printed on a variety of products.  You get the point almost anything can be order.

This is a pillow with one of my quilt designs on it. It is a piece that I made from my photos after being at Asilomar, in Calif. I made it with a variety of fabrics, hand dyed fabric, upholstery fabrics. It is pieced, and appliqued wall hanging. Have not decided to sell the original piece yet.  This company then takes the design and prints it on all sort of products.  Thankfully, lots of people seem to be looking at my art. So at this time when the galleries are closed this is a great way to add to the coziness of our homes. 

What a lovely time for my Christmas Cactus to have a second blooming.  It is cold out here in the hills around Yosemite. The park is closed and like many places only the needed are working. Thankfully the work on the highway is still going on in Oakhurst. There are not the lines of cars up the hill.
We have had a little rain, not much, so if we don't get more it will be a very dry year. However there is still time. We have had rain some times around Mothers day, and also into June. Maybe again this year.
I hope you all are safe and content. I am finding that a good comedy on T.V. helps and there are so many choices of things to do. Reading, sewing, making masks, chatting with friends, oh did I mention quilting, sewing, creating, sharing, working in the yard. AND.Cleaning? No. there must be something else to do!
My goal is to share more. That means Blogging more. I so enjoy hearing from all the ladies spread out across our large country. The quilters that live on Farms, work at Schools, and take care of their families with a big smile.  Be kinder than necessary, words from a little book.