What happened, to February? Inches, De cluttering.

I found the inches that were traded with a group of quilters. Aren't they darling! I met some wonderful amazing Quilters on the net, We also exchanged Fabric post cards for years. I kept all of them in Binders, and more binders.   So I have a ton of them with plastic pages. I am going to take them 
to our quilt guild to share them for ideas and fun.
De cluttering is a real challenge especially at our age or any age for that matter. Speaking of that not to be a downer.

 I did not realize I am this age until I had a heart attack last year and had to face my age. One thinks with quilters we are always thinking of the next quilt, the next piece of fabric, the next challenge. Age? What is that? I am having fun cutting, sewing and designing.
But now I need to rake in my projects, and not get diverted by all the fabric, and designs.
In rereading what I wrote it is all true. BUTTT

Our guild has a retreat here in the mountains twice a year, and March 12 is here again, and coming fast. I have to find a project to work on.  More 1/2 sq. Triangles? But I also have a couple of quilt tops I need to add something to, More yellow, ran out of ducks. See photo below.

 These were left from a baby quilt I actually finished. I see blogs where they seem to finish one quilt project a week. They must have housekeepers, gardeners, and someone locking them into the studio.

But what I think it is, is that they quilt at night in front of a T.V. Never have tried that, have you?

Lots going on here and this is my goal year. Getting my blog out on a regular basis, Learning to share on the social media, and not to mention again the word " de-cluttering". Seems lots of people are doing that.  I should take a before and after. But I forgot, and will try that later so you can see a bit of progress.
Remember, love to hear from you, what are you doing, new projects?


  1. I have a stack of 'twinchies'. 2" squares.... and also trades. Made 6 sided boxes with my favorites on the outside, and store all the others inside. Making big progress on the reno... just one more detail and I think we can call it done. Deciding whether or not to do any work on the creative space. Heading off to Chicagoland to have a booth at a quilt show.


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