Sunny today and rain to come. Are you Zooming?

I think everyone with a sewing machine is making masks. There are so many on line with growing ideas. After I  made these, I heard that if you leave a bit of the top open  you can insert a disposable paper towel or other item that screens and then change it out. After you wash the  outside of course, Then some ladies have a different pattern for the N95 and are ordering elastic, which is hard to find, or using strips of T. shirting material for ties. So some men might be losing their favorite T. shirt.

Out in the garden the gophers have been busy.  Wish they would go where I want the dirt aired. But no,  right in the middle of my gravel. The cat sat for an hour hoping that the gopher would appear, but no.  Darn he dug up  two more spots after this one.

I put some food out later for the ravens. Chicken bones and some fat from the chicken. Our cat decided to sit near the food and look at the Ravens. The ravens danced, spread their wings and tried to scare the cat away. But he would not move. If I moved in the house to try and get a photo the Ravens noticed, and backed off.
Finally the cat left and lunch was served. I love to watch them but to get a photo is really difficult.
Johnny jump-ups from last year are doing well in the bucket. It is amazing how they make it thru the freezing weather and look so happy to see the sun.  Yes, that is a Christmas night light from a past  Holiday season. I might just leave it in there for color because they don't save for the following year. As the light fads I will toss it.. Or good for decoration for next year even if it does not light.

 Looks like snow, but it is the wild flowers.

What are you up to?  Checking in with friends by phone? Zoom and all sorts of social media?
I now have several Classes on Zoom, Chair yoga, Church and the Positive Living Center in Oakhurst, and a class on line after that.

I decided the benefit of being a craft person/artist, is that you always have a ton of choices. What to do?
Downsizing you have to be in the mood, which is tough some days. But art work, painting, drawing, and quilting, there is always something to catch the eye. And motivate the mind.

What is motivating you?  Did you call a friend that is alone in their home? I am trying each day to give someone a call. I am carrying on a e-conversation with a lady that I have known all my life and lives in Holland, but more about that later. Maybe even a photo.  
Enjoy your day!  


  1. I am way too busy to worry about choices!!! Since this place was neglected for 2 years or so... before we bought it... lots of things need attention. And the changes to how things are done shopping etc. takes much of the wind out of the sails when you are short on time and long on list!!! Enjoy your Zoom Rooms... I hate doing videos on the computer... Zoom, Youtube FB Live, etc. they takeup so much time I could be doing... something!!! Stay Well!


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