What is Happening? Zoom

Easter just zipped by.  I see my audience is down  and not sure but need to check into that, because of some new restrictions. Something has changed.  I think maybe everyone is so busy on Zoom and other on line ventures. Blogs are taking a bit of a hit. You can always leave me a message, would be happy to answer you if you leave your email .
Found block, It is a left over from the pillow I made.. Honestly, I have no idea where I got them from. But this one I did the embroidery on it, and gave it to a friend as a Mug Rug.
Have another one finished also.
Here is the second one that went to the same family.  And of course, made masks and more masks.
Out of elastic, and looking at the variety of patterns. We quilters are pretty ingenious. They designs change slightly and are improving.

Took a great class several weeks ago, whoops, probably with time flying it is more like months ago. So have plenty to learn here on free motion quilting.
Poppies are opening in the field. They are sort of scattered around and not in bunches on the side of our hills,  Several varieties are springing up.  Spring is on the way also.

Hope you are safe and happy. We learn a lot about ourselves, when we slow down. Take the moments to sit in the sun, take a deep breath and enjoy the quiet and fresh air.


  1. I never look at my metrics... and commenters have always been few... I think I just write for me... The little embroidery is cute! FMQ is fun once you start to feel good about your progress and get over the perfection issues. Trust me nobody sees what you see and best tip I can offer is turn any quilting mistake/error into part of the plan!!!


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