Where are you? I am here and now. Found!

Memory blocks. It pays to look thru boxes and try to get organized. And there is progress.
 But I get side tracked. I am thankful for finding that burgundy fabric. There seems to be a little bit of that color in some of the blocks.  And I don't usually have large pieces of fabric, just enough for this quilt/wall hanging.

My amazing friend Odette, that passed on many years ago, made the center top applique of three of us at camp.  It is so special surrounded with blocks from other friends. About 10 of us used to get together at Asilomar for 4 days of quilting. We came from all parts of Calif. and sort of met in the middle. It was just our gang, no specific teacher, just friends. One year we decided to dye some tennis shoes. but we got in trouble for working with the dyes. Just Procion and would not hurt anything, but Asilomar was not happy with us. I wore those tennie's for a long time, great fun.

I really don't remember the projects that I made at that time, as I am not good at doing impromptu creating, with out my stash to back up the changes.
Some more found blocks. Maybe it does not pay to sort fabrics. There is always one more thing.

Now that the sun has come out and it is getting warmer, without the cold breeze it is time to work outside. Some of my attention is going to putting the wood for the wood stove put away and winter items stored. But really, someone asked if I am bored.

My friend has cleaned her kitchen, all the drawers, her closets, cleaned her house, and is now working on the yard.  She is not a crafter, but a house artist I think. But now she is bored.  I will never get bored. It is just I am not always in the mood for the must do things.

My husband just called, he found the keys to the car. We were going crazy yesterday because he could not find his keys. It is not like in the past, just go get another one made, but just very costly to get that new electronic beeper. He searched for hours yesterday.

Then I remembered that we met one of his friends at the church parking lot and perhaps they fell out of his pocket then. .  I told my hubby that I had the keys attached to my purse so there was no issue with starting the car because we really did not need his set. Sometimes one has to trust in faith and wait till a sudden flash comes, or the keys call for help.

He just called, the keys had fallen out of his pocket into the grass as he was closing the gate at the Church.

Faith we all need a bit of that as our days are a bit strained.  There is so much to do on the net, friends to share with, ideas, face masks to make, and just long distance hugs to share.

Enjoy your day, and may the sun shine where you are.  


  1. We would be in big trouble. Hubs doesn't carry keys, unless he is driving his car. Since I keep my key clipped to me... if I get out of the car is dings til I get back. Best part about those electronic keys is you can't lock them in the car!!!

  2. Bored? Never! Distracted? A bit. :)


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