2 Mug Rugs from a Place Mat. A gentle hug.

One year at Timberline Gallery, my friend and weaving artist Jacqueline and I decided to contact Restaurants in our area, and to have an Open house with samples of their food. Timberline Gallery at that time had about 30 artists that displayed paintings and a variety of art pieces.

Jacqueline and I found that there were some duplicates of restaurant styles.  It was decided that we would do this 3 week ends to spread out the restaurants, Asian, Mexican, American, Barbecues etc.so there were no duplicates on the same day.  It was a lot of work but it was successful and fun.. Not to say, tiring.  But then we did not have to cook the food. It was good advertising for all concerned. And several art pieces, and jewelry pieces were sold those week-ends.

You are wondering what that has to do with the photo above. Well that originally was a place mat for a gourd that I had made. I was not in the day that the gourd was sold but the place mat did not go with it.
As you know I am cleaning out the studio, or rearranging it, for another description. And I got side tracked with the Place mat.   As you can see there is a building, bottles, knives and forks, etc.  Those items were part of the original  place mat.  That was the restaurant I was depicting and advertising my art piece for them.  I also had made a wall hanging, and they purchased that and hung it in the restaurant.

So I decided to cut the place mat in half and I would have two Mug Rugs. I did not want the advertising on it any more. I added cats, fruit, flowers and bread at strategic places.
And now I have two Mug Rugs.  It was great creative fun for that day. 

I have an idea of where these will go. I hope you are having a good week. It has been very Hot in our area, and today there is a a cool breeze.  The "in the pot" veggies are doing very well, and I found a spray to keep the deer away. Will see if it really works,  I wish I had tried it before they ate all my green peas. Still upset about that!

Is your week going well?  I only have 4 more piles of paper on my desk to go through and I will feel lots better. I found a stack of CD's from photographs, took a deep breath and threw them out. I don't use that camera any more, and like my phone for what I do now. And there is the cloud.

The hug of the day, and we really need one!  A hug is strength and courage and protection and direction and HOPE. 


  1. a hug is also contact... intimate friendly contact, which we all need right now!!! Been too busy to read an comment this week. Catching up on the reading part today... and at least one comment!


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