Amazing days, sun shine, and a breeze. AND ZOOM

Skittle, photo with the App Waterlogue.  Yes, she is that fuzzy. She had a bunch of babies but over the years, it has come down just to her. She adopted us eons ago, when she was due to have a litter.  She is named Skittle because she would always skittle away from us. But recently she is talking more and wanting to be picked up and petted.  And now loves being brushed.  I can not leave her in the house because hubby is allergic to cats.  We also have one that chose us named Tabby , a big boy. He has started to follow us around. More about him some other time.

Never a dull moment. Zoom to all of you. Well on top of Facebook, and other social medias. We now have Zoom. I swear I will have a flat you know what, from sitting in my chair.
Never had I heard about Zoom, but now that is all the rage.  Hubby's birthday was on Zoom with tons of friends and family. Church is on Zoom, Classes are on Zoom, and I have two of those. And quilting friends are on Zoom. It is truly wonderful. At first a bit intimidating.  You do need to be dressed at least. It is also a time suck.

I am taking a class on Social Media information. All very interesting and important.  I checked out my Facebook Bus. Page. and it is almost a year since I posted on that.  And on my regular Facebook a bit more recent.  Everything needs updating and work. I have not been on those sites  since the heart attack.   The class is very good and I am enjoying it. But also frustrated.

Took pages of notes, but then went on the page, and trying to sort it all out. Thought that moment was not the one to work on it.  I had better clear my head and go out side.

Hubby is working on our island, that is what we call it. On a hard winter we are separated from that area by a strip of water on the lower side.  Now, it is a good place to burn plant material from the 8.5 acres that we clear every year.
Sweet peas are blooming under the Oak tree. They last a little bit longer because it is cooler there. Love the fragrance and the beauty of the colors. I hope my pea plants do ok, because I was very late in getting them in also.
Till next time, I hope your projects are moving along.  I need another 12 hours a day!  How about you? Are you managing with all the craziness in this world?  I would love to hear from you.
Several of you drop me notes from time to time, and that is really appreciated.  Make it a great day. Long distant hugs to all. 


  1. Yes at least another 12 hours a day!!! We (mostly the DH) has been working outside around here too. Lots of invasive (not native to Kentucky) honeysuckle vine that has been allowed to grow unchecked is being checked. There is a honeysuckle shrub too, but I have talked him into leaving it alone... not as invasive. Spring is just about done and moving into summer. Trees are leafed and Thunderstorms in the forecast for later today. Oh and already 70° and it is only 7:30 in the morning!!! I don't have time for Zoom, such a time suck!!!

  2. I know I couldn't take another hour in each day. Yes, I am always busy, but I also need down time. Thank you for sharing the sweet peas -- one of my favorite flowers from the garden. I used to bring them in the house in bundles of 40-60. Yesterday I got tulips and tree peonies at the farmer's market. Flowers are important to me. I get in a walk each morning to start the day in an energized way. It's good to keep habits. Dipping into more time on the piano and have begun hand projects -- things being close are very important now. Best to you!

  3. Hi Beth and Franki, Beth I would love a honey suckle plant here, nothing really gets away unless it is a weed. There are several plants I would love to have, but do not make it up here. I had a bougainvillea in a pot, but that gave up this year also, even though I covered it every night during the winter. Trying something new with the veggie garden, will scatter some straw around between the plant buckets. also. Stuff the llamas won't eat.
    Franki, I met Beth, because someone recommended that she had just the needles I needed for Basting quilts, and they work out lovely.
    Beth, I met Franki eons ago, we were doing exchanges of Fabric Postcards. And we exchanged for years. Great fun. So lovely to keep in touch.
    Let me know that you see these messages, or next time will really directly send them email.


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