Mothers Day, Sun and beautiful atmosphere, a little frustation also.

A friends yard with the poppies. Love the color, and they volunteer each year to bring them pleasure.
This year ours did not come up as well, and it turned hot too soon. But my peas, planted too late, gave me just enough to eat before I got back to the house.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. Several of the family called and a few texted. So that was nice to hear from them.

I got busy on the computer and cleared a small area of my desk. But progress, in fact, I cleared a few more binders. Will show those next time. That works well to sort those in the evening. Many are Retreats with friends and going over the photos is great fun. Ah Memories!  Sending some out to these friends also,

In reading other blogs I see that some areas are still having "weather". Maybe being in the 80's+ is not so bad. But holding off on the air conditioning. 

Taking a series of classes, one with our Church, The Positive Living Center, and one from the Yosemite Western Artists. Information on Facebook and all sorts ideas on how to show ones art.
With our Timberline Gallery closed permanently, I have a room full of art, and would like to share it.
Learning a lot about Zoom also. 

The one on Social media information, takes lots of time and patience. I am from the generation that has a fear of "what happens if I hit this button".  I want to know ahead of time what 4 little dots mean and where it will take me.

But that is not the way it happens now, and there are lots of rules. Will muddle though some how.
It is a learning process.  But maybe just maybe working on a quilt would be more relaxing.

How about a little hug? A hug wishes you, Sweet Dreams.


  1. I am far behind my reading lists... Thankfully, not because I am doing more on the computer... but finally getting back to the inside of the house. Took hours to change out the cabinet hardware in the kitchen... like maybe 4! Lots of cabinets. Glad you are enjoying the social life online!!!


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