Needing a hug? Planting veggies, and In and Out.

Ok. So we were having a craving for In and Out.  We took a chance and joined the line. It really went fast and they have good organization. We sat in our car, cool breeze blowing and munched. I really did not want another salad, or I will turn into a rabbit.
The nearest In and Out is in Fresno and that is about 40 min. away down the mountain. We had to be in town anyway.
I have this area near the house, I used to plant in the ground, but the plants were eaten by the gophers. So this year I thought I would try something new Planting in buckets. I had several empty pots that I recycled but ran out. And Costco had some amazing started tomatoes, peppers etc. So  checked locally for inexpensive pots, but could not find any. An idea struck and will see if it work. Paint buckets with holes put in them. they were only $4.00 each, then our helper brought me some buckets that were thrown away by someone that planted some big trees. Perfect timing.  So my little garden is a bit fuller. Might not be Martha Stewart beautiful, but hopefully it will give off some veggies.  I can also wrap some netting around the outside if the deer decide they like them also. 

Deer have been plentiful and brazen so far.  Later in the day I went in for other chores. Hubby came home and asked if a snake that is black with a yellow stripe is a Racer, so we went out to look.  Yup. a Racer, I need to start putting on my tennis shoes. Wish I could wear boots.

Then he spotted another snake, and tried to point it out, very small, and accidentally flipped and it went into the tree.  At that point I went inside the house. Enough Snakes for today.
I did some more sorting. And I found a box of silk flowers. Don't want to throw them away, so I planted them in a pot. Why not? Some people would cringe at this, but I think they look pretty lively.
No fragrance,like my sweet peas, and they will fade. But another box in the house emptied.

A little line from my Hug Book:  "A hug means more to one than the other can know."

How true. Sometimes we wondered when we give a hug, opps, should I have done that. But now that hugs are not allowed, it is nice to think that someone out there is sending a hug. Enjoy your day!


  1. Hugs... glad I give them often (before Covid) and will again, when we are done with this... in about 10 years!! We had to be in town, last week, and did the same thing, ate out. No Craving, just too late to get home to eat and really to early to eat in town. Disappointed!!! But at least I didn't have to cook. Virtual HUG

    1. Glad you had a good day. I did get 3 more catalogues, cleared out. Finding all sorts of things I had forgotten, and tons of ideas. I should try sewing today. But first the veggies need water and then that leads to the house floor. and cleaning. Rather work outside than on the house stuffs.! Enjoy your week!


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