Never Bored, art, storting, Zoom!

I will start with the sorting.  Remember when we used to get lots of quilt magazines. I had such plans to be creative. Not that I still don't but. If we are going to down size, I can't take the all with me,

The pile is getting bigger, binders with inserts. I will put them in the garage sale and hope someone wants them. But I really think people are just putting it all on their computer.  I really have reduced the amount on the wall. but some are sneaking back, the real must have's.

We had some lovely weather, and the cactus plants that spread all over, showed their beautiful flowers.  This started with just a couple of small plants. But that is fine, I like their blossoms in the Spring.
Some more volunteer plants. Sweet Peas and Queen Anne's Lace popped up in a small area under our oak tree. The fragrance is amazing, and the flowers delightful. But this photograph makes me want to paint it.
 I attend an art Group here in the mountain Yosemite Western Artists, Many of our galleries up here have closed, for good. So the artists had several classes on how to proceed on the net. It is a challenge, but if that is the way we share and communicate, it needs to be learned.

And then there is Zoom, what a time for a good experiment and sharing.  In fact I wonder if it will make us a bit lazy.  I have Zoom, Yoga, don't need to drive anywhere or especially dress for the occasion, except covered properly. Then Zoom church, zoom class, after. Zoom with Quilting friends,
Zoom learning with art Asso. and any other thing that is to be found on line.

Will we be a bunch of hunch back staring people?  Did I say I am glad I have a Treadmill in the house, because today is raining. At least I think I get some exercise that way. Daily.  And I am sorting and clearing out, more about that another time.  Sorting fabric, but then what do you do with all the good things that need a new home. Stack the bags in the living room. No one can come over anyway.

I have friends that are not artists, and they have cleaned out all their drawers in the home. Wish they could come to my house, have plenty that I don't want to do. One thing about sorting and down sizing clearing or what ever you want to call it, There is emotion attached to many things and you have to be in the mood. And that mood passes quickly. 

How about a Hug,
A hug is non-verbal and uncomplicated, expression of affection, and so very comforting and warm.


  1. Yep, lots of emotion... kinda take the air out of the room when just completed some aspect of cleanout!!! I am getting ready to unpack my space. Moving the furniture into place... YAY!!!


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